Having worked with high end catering for many years, we have extensive experience in making our customers dinners and parties into memorable nights.

We offer different concept dinners for 10-40 people, but for larger events we customize a menu according to your wishes. At mingle events we have a number of smaller dishes to choose from. In addition to the menu price, staff costs are added in place, from 550 SEK / hour. We can also offer project management, rentals, sommeliers and bartenders. Within Stockholm, we have free delivery, outside we add a delivery cost.

See our different packaged catering concepts below. All prices are ex VAT.

Adam & Albin Signature Menu, 995 SEK

A menu consisting of dishes that have become Adam & Albin classics. Signature menu example:

• Green leaves with smoked salmon, crispy rice, horseradish & soy sauce
• Small tart, mushroom crème & trout roe

• Scallops & prawns "Tigers milk", avocado, ginger & coriander
• Handcut beef tartar, roasted almond, watercress, white mushrooms & black truffle
• Steamed cod, smoked butter sauce, zucchini & sesame seeds
• Caramelized bread, green apple, milk sorbet, fennel pollen & toffee
• Maple syrup biscuits with soy meringue for the coffee

2. Classy Classic, 1495 SEK

For those who are into classic luxury. A menu based on traditional exclusive produce.  Classy Classic menu example:

• Swedish oysters, caviar & whipped chicken cream
• Tartar of tuna toro, crushed avocado, ginger & crispy rice

• Shredded king crab, natural tomatoes, thick cream & ice cold fennel
• Grilled tenderloin, creamy potatoes, camembert, truffles & leeks
• Matured cheese with fruit confit
• White peach, raspberries, sabayon & flower ice cream
• Maple syrup biscuits with soy meringue for the coffee

3. Express Business Menu, 795 SEK

A quick and casual dinner when time is as important as taste. Express business menu example:

• Thinly sliced tuna toro, crispy rice, crushed avocado & horseradish
• Braised ox cheek, charred mushrooms, garden leaves & beef jus
• Chocolate crème, maple syrup, caramel ice cream & liquorice granité
• Brown butter Madeleines with the coffee

4. Misshumasshu Menu, 695 SEK

A Japan influenced menu. We bring the noodle bowls and cook our famous ramen at your place. Misshumasshu menu example:

Snacks to share
• Steamed buns with smoked salmon & kimchi
• Addictive sesame cucumber
• Crispy rice balls with chili & soy mayo
• Nori wraps with avocado, trout roe & furikake
• Deep fried pork rinds, miso dip
• Tonkotsu ramen, chashu pork, spring onion, coriander, creamy egg, garlic fried mushrooms & black garlic 
• Burned apple & soy meringue, brown butter, maple syrup & milk sorbet

Standing Dinner & Mingle

Sometimes a mingle/standing dinner party is the way to go. For those occasions we offer exclusive standing dinners or mingle canapees and snacks for a luxury mingle.

The menu is composed of 5 dishes or more from the examples below. Minimum 30 people.

Prices between 65-125 SEK a piece

5. Canapés

Snacks in perfect bite size served cold.

Crispy rice, avocado & tuna / Yellow beets, mozzarella, truffles on bread crisp / Cha plu leaves, lightly smoked salmon, soy sauce & ginger / Tart with bleak roe, egg crème & chives / Beef tartar, crunchy lettuce, sesame & pickled onion / Caramelized cheese, rye bread & fig marmalade / Tomato bread, fennel pollen & pancetta / Prawns, levain bread, soy mayo & coriander /  Deep fried potatoes, smoked avocado & caviar / Crispy bread, chicken cream & vegetables / Crunchy chicken skin, garlic & herbs / Thinly sliced squid sushi & nori / Tart with wild mushrooms & truffles / Tartar of tuna toro & furikake / Razor clam, tomato, horseradish & coriander / White asparagus tart with trout roe

6. Finger food

Medium sized snacks served warm.

• Beef chuck slider, pickled onion & parsley
• Steamed bun, roasted pork belly & kimchi
• Deep fried turbot, flat bread, ginger & spring onion salsa
• Brochette of corn fed chicken, caramelized onion & roasted almond
• Steamed bun, lightly smoked salmon & chili cucumber
• Green asparagus quesadilla på, comté, fried cabbage & black truffle
• Mushroom croquettes, sage & garlic

Big Dinner Party

For the big dinner party, wedding etc. when amazing food and perfect service are truly important, we are here to fulfill your dreams. Our professional team will help you with project management, finding the right location, customizing the tastiest menu and anything else you might need. Let us turn your big event into perfection!


Our sommeliers will help you with beverage recommendations. If you prefer something unique we also offer wines from our wine celler.